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How will I get access to the workshops?

An email with Zoom links will be sent to you the week before the start of the program.


March 18th-19th-20th-21st-22nd

What are the dates/times of the events?

Monday March 18th  - Franco Fête Dance Party  - Topic - Chocolate

Tuesday March 19th - Franco Fête Dance Party - Topic Sports and Leisure 

Wednesday March 20th - Franco Tango

Thursday March 21st- Franco Aventure

Friday June March 22nd - Franco Fête Dance Party - Topic - Desserts

The workshops repeat at the following times (in your time zone)

9h30, 10h00, 10h30, 11h00, 11h30, 12h00

Can I attend more than one event?

Yes you can attend as many events as you wish in the days you have registered for

Can I have more than one class?

Yes, you can attend with as many classes as you want.


What equipment/prerequisites are needed to attend the event?

You will need a projector or Tv with sound (or a connected sound system) to broadcast the event to your students as well as an internet connection with Zoom in order to access the live event link enclosed with this email.


What if my class is late, can they still participate?

Yes, you can still join in anytime.  However, we start the classes on time.


Do I have to have my camera on during the event?

No, you do not have to have your class on video. We love seeing the students and their awesome moves but it is not a requirement.  We respect your students' privacy and we do not record or allow participants to record the event however if you decide to go on camera please note other participants may be able to see you during the event.

Do I need to be in the gym or in a big space with my students?

No, you can attend the event right from your classroom, it is not necessary to move desks away, the students can attend right from their desk.


Is there any prep required with the students before the event?

No, the event will have clear instructions in French and English so that all students are comfortable.


The French level of my students varies, can they still attend and understand?

Yes, even though the event is focused on promoting French and  la  francophonie, we make sure all students are understanding the instructions and we reinforce the French vocabulary by repeating words and phrases slowly.


Is the privacy of my students protected?

We do not record or distribute footage of your students if you choose to have them on camera and we do not allow participants to record the meeting directly from zoom; however if you decide to go on camera please note other participants may be able to see you during the event. If you have further concerns please feel free to contact us.

What grades are the events for?

The events are for grades k-8 core and French Immersion classes. As a general rule due to the diverse and high number of participants from across the country, ALL WORKSHOPS are appropriate for all ages and levels of French. Students will learn and have a great French activity regardless of their age or French level.



Does this event include the Franco Super Stars 6-week full cultural curriculum?

No, this is a stand-alone event whereas the regular 6 weeks cultural classes focus on different francophone countries/areas around the world along with the respective curriculum program by grade.




4 Classes in one week $500

As many grades/classes as you want can attend each of the classes.  



What are the costs for your 6 week programs?


Both our Francophone Culture through Music and Dance and Sit and Fit Francophone adventure programs include:

  • 6 live online francophone music and dance 30 minute classes

  • 6 weeks cultural program complete lesson plan curriculum by grade in line with the Ministry of Education as well as CEFR guidelines.

  • Lesson plans include animated videos, games, discussions, final project, and assessment rubrics for each grade they have in the program. Sample lesson plan ( suggested for grade 4 Core French classes) here: FREE | Francosuperstars


  • 1 class/week for 6 weeks - $200

  • Flat rate- entire school (k-8) - $500

  • Depending on the size of the board we run 1 to 5 days a week 4 to 8 classes everyday to give schools flexibility and have all grades and classes be able to participate

What if I have sound problems?

We recommend doing a sound test on zoom before logging into the meeting.

Here are some common sound troubleshooting issues:

-        Make sure your Zoom version is up to date.  To do this click on your profile picture in the top right of your screen and click check for updates. If it is available, it will download after which you will need to click ‘Update’ to install it. Zoom will automatically restart when it's done.

-        Make sure the sound system is plugged in and working BEFORE you login to the meeting.

-        Logout and log back into the meeting.


Can I use the chat box during the meeting?

The chat box is redirected to forward all chat messages to the host for urgent matters. We will have a few minutes at the end of each event for questions or you can always contact us via email or on social media.

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